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I have just started to mastodon here, after wandering around other servers a bit in the past year.

I am a user of pubnixes like the and - but have decided to self-host webby stuff and keep to the CLI on those.

Apologies for repeat follow requests from my new home here. I promise I'll stay put now 😉

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Hello, I'm a computing and music nerd in Texas, originally from Cornwall in the UK.

I'm a happy and user, and enthusiast.

I also enjoy many kinds of music, and have recently started amassing and pretending to being a DJ in my living room 🙂

Yay - streaming working so far. Playing some acid house on for abit

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dj dctrud is now online playing AUDIONAUTIX.COM - THOUGHT BOT! tune in here now:

Not sure it’s possible to listen to this on a sunny day and not feel happy 😀 Shower, snack, and then may attempt to see if the repairs for our internet outage yesterday have fixed my issues trying to stream to

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Coronavirus, eye contact in image, food mention 

Below-the-nose community stunned as study shows nose connected to lungs

83F / 28C with 75% humidity at 9am here. Going to be a hot week this one, but the humidity is going to drop at least.

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Very sweaty morning in the , but it’s good exercise mowing, trimming, and chopping. Have been neglecting the tomatoes a bit, but they are also not enjoying the peak of summer heat here.

First post for a bit...

Bit of a rant about the 'The Sad State of US Internet Access' - on a day we have another internet outage.


Ahh. This again.... nice that in a big US urban area I can only choose between cable internet from price gouging company that goes out a lot, or fiber internet from a bankrupt company that also goes out a lot!

Pushing it into the weekend with @tbn97 Cafe 80s on while the kids get ready for bed. 😀

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Hola lotek minimalist textual types - I'm orbiting the fediverse in my #gemini capsule at:


Early outpost is a bit spartan, but things will develop.

Shout-out to @solderpunk for their awesome Unsinkable Molly Brown gopher server. I had an enjoyable adventure setting it up :)

Continuing my “well I have macs, but let’s see if I can Linux on them”.... Turns out things work pretty great on the 12” MacBook now. Couple of small tweaks then suspend and sound work, which means everything is good, on at least. Last time I tried this the keyboard didn’t work easily and suspend not at all. Just gotta have patience :-)

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Bronzie Beat - Choose your own Resistance

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My wife just mentioned she’d been listening to a podcast all about disco, which included covering how it led to house and on from there to garage... hmmm. Sounds familiar :-) @buttstuf

Revisiting @buttstuf 's progressive house show he dedicated to @claudiom back in January. It's definitely a good listen for the tail end of the workday.

Not sure it's up anywhere now but here's something of the flavour of it....

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