Continuing my “well I have macs, but let’s see if I can Linux on them”.... Turns out things work pretty great on the 12” MacBook now. Couple of small tweaks then suspend and sound work, which means everything is good, on at least. Last time I tried this the keyboard didn’t work easily and suspend not at all. Just gotta have patience :-)

Mother-in-law yard work done. Now to enjoy her porch swing for a bit! Wish we had a nice porch and swing. However, it’s also kinda nice not having all the work of an old house to worry about twice over.

Still going with the Yahtzee but will be listening to @tbn97 ‘s cafe 80s on when the OMD runs out.

Getting in the mood for some 33 1/3rd with @buttstuf later by playing some Coppit while Carl Cox entertains us with 70s disco. 🕺

Ahh hello my good friend “E Blues solo one”! The only thing I can make sound half decent on the guitar that stares at me forlorn and unloved all day. Whoops. I was supposed to be learning.... it’s been about 3 months now.

Cat is really cramping our Jip and Janneke bedtime stories! Maybe he’s a fan and wants to be in on it.

The low-tech way to verify the DPI is right on Linux on this iMac..... writer at 100% zoom and check the paper matches the virtual paper exactly. 😀

Very odd.... my mastodon timeline had been very quiet today... not really much appearing in it at all. Then @claudiom unclogged my server by favouriting a post and it has gone nuts... and I can see what's happening again.

Thanks plumber Claudio!

Trying to explain how records work to the kids with the aid of an otherwise ruined record, sewing needle, apple sauce cup, and elastic bands.

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