Going to be joining from machine to listen to 33 1/3rd later.

I seem to have ended up on MATE as I always do, everywhere. Works great on this machine, with stuff from the new 2020Q2 pkgsrc release.

In case anyone is interested - I'm running mastodon under docker with traefik as a front end proxy.

This is on a Linux Kimsufi dedicated server I'll be using to my webby things. It's bargain basement old dedicated hardware, so not likely to be super reliable - but if it's down for just me for a day or two it doesn't really matter.

I usually avoid container complexity for my hobby stuff, and continue to run mail and DNS on tiny VPS. However - mastodon is a bit more involved.

Hello, I'm a computing and music nerd in Texas, originally from Cornwall in the UK.

I'm a happy and user, and enthusiast.

I also enjoy many kinds of music, and have recently started amassing and pretending to being a DJ in my living room 🙂

Random Road Mastodon

Just a single-family self-hosted Mastodon server, somewhere in Texas.