Continuing my “well I have macs, but let’s see if I can Linux on them”.... Turns out things work pretty great on the 12” MacBook now. Couple of small tweaks then suspend and sound work, which means everything is good, on at least. Last time I tried this the keyboard didn’t work easily and suspend not at all. Just gotta have patience :-)

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Bronzie Beat - Choose your own Resistance

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@tbn97 nooooo.... the internet tells me Ricicles ceased to exists in 2017 😢 What did they to to Captain Rik?

@tbn97 ooof I miss Coco Pops. Not a huge fan of these American Cocoa Pebbles things I have to eat these days! I could go for some Ricicles too.

My wife just mentioned she’d been listening to a podcast all about disco, which included covering how it led to house and on from there to garage... hmmm. Sounds familiar :-) @buttstuf

Revisiting @buttstuf 's progressive house show he dedicated to @claudiom back in January. It's definitely a good listen for the tail end of the workday.

Not sure it's up anywhere now but here's something of the flavour of it....

@buttstuf actually - I think I'm going to grab a can of San Pelegrino Limonata now. I *think* there is a can hiding in the back of the fridge.

@buttstuf I'll pass on the iced tea, and the watermelon.... but I would go for some lemonade.

@hund It can sync photos without needing to do it one by one. It works reliably for me, as I'm happy with it syncing whatever is new on my phone only when I open the Nextcloud app. Most people who are unhappy with it have issues with the background syncing... which really doesn't work well for a lot of 3rd party stuff on iOS, not just Nextcloud.

I'm very grateful for it, as I want all my photos onto local machines, and despise how annoying it is to export things from Apple Photos.

@djsundog is 'this soundslab goes to 102.41%' the 2020s 'these go to 11'? 🙂

@djsundog ordered the convergence edition... fingers crossed it ships end of the month like they say. Looking forward to playing with that now, I'll have to be patient.

Thanks for the info, and pointing out my stupidity about the USB-C bit this morning 😄

Mother-in-law yard work done. Now to enjoy her porch swing for a bit! Wish we had a nice porch and swing. However, it’s also kinda nice not having all the work of an old house to worry about twice over.

@djsundog doh me! That makes sense. I was looking at the convergence one and not thinking that. I may need to eat or something :-)

@djsundog oh cool. That’s fixed? Looks like I’ll order one today then.

@djsundog thanks. I’m almost at the point of ordering one anyway now so maybe I’ll finally just do that :-)

Wondering whether a with one of the mini USB-C 3.5mm jack DACs would be an alternative to going the @djsundog route. I read the built-in audio quality isn’t so good, and a mod is needed for USB-C to work right (?) but has anyone tried a USB-C mini DAC with one?

If anyone knows of any other radio shows with playlists similar in range to this on 6 music, and good chat, I would be indebted to you! Local KXT NPR music station is good, but not quite as eclectic, and lacks the light hearted and very British DJ chat.

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