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dj dctrud is now online playing audionautix - Algorithm (3:46)! tune in here now:

Doh! Moved the car so I could get up the ladder into the attic to grab some offcuts of wood flooring. Time to put the car back.... where are the keys? 10 minutes later found deep in the box of flooring in the attic. My wife now thinks I should not be trusted with keys.

Sat down with a coffee to noodle around the gemini space a bit this morning.... but my org-agenda has other ideas. "Check Backups" it says. Sounds like something I *should do*....

Should mention also that's as much as am looking at in the jetforce logs... with a script which sums those 2 things. And I'll ditch the log file each month.

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20 days with a server running now. 1,968 requests served to 149 client IPs ...

... that's probably more than for my web site I had prior heh.

Wrote a bit on my gemlog about my few days using on a mid 2017 5k iMac.


Only get 4K under Linux, not the 5K... but it’s still 163dpi and looks fantastic now that’s all set right.

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The low-tech way to verify the DPI is right on Linux on this iMac..... writer at 100% zoom and check the paper matches the virtual paper exactly. 😀

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Catch you on at 00:00 UTC (just under 5 hours!) for

CAFÉ 80s 05 - Electric Blue ⚡️ 💙

5pm PDT / 8pm EDT / 10am AEDT

Tune in to tune the week out, and join the damgüdcyberchatters in @SDF com to celebrate making it to another weekend, all to to the blissful sound of the electric 80s.

Well... did have a strong start to the day, but the combination of Go code (with much CGO), a one-off custom build system, and Debian packaging decided to intervene.

Glad the week is nearly over!

It’s Friday, *and* work things are working faster and more easily than expected. Maybe can make it through to the weekend without hitting a roadblock 🤞 Virtual drinks with old colleagues lined up too 😀

Oof. Playing the ‘EC2 has API issues’ waiting game during a busy work day. Cloud outages always happen when I *really* need the services for work.

Very odd.... my mastodon timeline had been very quiet today... not really much appearing in it at all. Then @claudiom unclogged my server by favouriting a post and it has gone nuts... and I can see what's happening again.

Thanks plumber Claudio!

Thinking the appropriate replacement for my ancient iPod nano will be a @djsundog soundslab-a-like.

The older one has written "Minecraft Farm" on the front of his shirt... and "Wheat & Honey" on the back. He might be a little bit into it...

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